The Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU) is a centralized clinical research resource that standardizes clinical and administrative procedures for the conduct of human research. The CTSU, a joint initiative of the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine, the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, provides investigators at the three member institutions with the resources and know-how needed to conduct clinical research. It does so in a manner that follows good clinical practice guidelines and withstands legal scrutiny.

The CTSU has well-trained and certified personnel who provide the following services to clinical investigators:

  • Review and negotiation of confidential disclosure agreements
  • Negotiation of contracts and study budgets
  • Preparing and submitting ethics applications
  • Preparing and submitting applications for health region approval
  • Preparation and processing of regulatory documents
  • Regulatory submissions to Health Canada, including Clinical Trial Applications
  • Financial services, including invoicing of research sponsors, processing of sponsor payments and payment of study-related expenses
  • Clinical research nurse and clinical research coordinator services
  • Clinical trial data management
  • Clinical research education and training